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About Me

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As a passionate Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT), I have devoted my career to utilizing the art of dance as a tool for both physical and mental wellbeing. My love for dance began as a young child in Brazil, where I would twirl, leap, and dance my way around my home until my parents enrolled me in a conservatory where I studied ballet until graduation.

Following my teaching of ballet for a few years, I embarked on graduate studies at New York University where I took courses in Dance Education, and my interest in Creative Dance as a curriculum discipline was ignited. During this time, I continued to teach both ballet and creative dance within the United States. Subsequently, I transferred my M.A to the University of Alberta where I completed my degree in 2007 and maintained my teaching of ballet and creative dance. It wasn't until reconnecting with one of my mentors from NYU, Dr. Miriam Berger, that I discovered my true passion for the healing potential of dance.

As a result of my newfound passion, I pursued an alternate route to become a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT), and in 2015, I received my certification via the Harkness Dance Center at the 92nd Street Y in NYC. For the past 8 years, I have specialized in providing DMT sessions at both the CNDT and Les Grands Ballet Canadiens in Montreal, catering to a diverse clientele including seniors, caregivers, children, and adults with developmental disabilities, eating disorders, and trauma.

My commitment to dance therapy is reflected in my research, which was presented at the ADTA conference in 2016, and I have been involved in clinical research projects and conference presentations related to my dance therapy work with seniors. I continue to expand my work through the facilitation of senior groups at the CNDT, as well as through workshops and media events promoting the value of dance therapy in Montreal.

As a member of several associations, including ADTA, DMTAC, and AATQ, I bring decades of experience as a dance educator with expertise in teaching various dance forms and choreographies. My approach integrates emotional, physical, cognitive, and social levels, recognizing the body-mind connection as a crucial component in the therapeutic process. By guiding individuals in the discovery and exploration of their true selves, I strive to provide a space where the healing power of dance can be fully realized.

Settings I work or have worked at:
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Senior Settings

I work with seniors, among those, people with limited mobility who enjoy the pleasure of moving and dancing in a safe space

Daycares & Schools

I have worked with children and adults with developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders (ASD), down syndrome, and emotional and behavioral issues in private and public schools.


The majority of my work is done online using Discord or Zoom in groups or sometimes with individuals. 


I work facilitating group sessions with adolescents with several clinical conditions, among those, eating disorders at local hospitals in Montreal. 

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